Viggo lounge oak


Table size • Ø80cm
Wood type • Lacquered oak

The Viggo Lounge table is a smaller, more compact version of the original Viggo Dining table. Everything has been kept the same, except it has all been shrunk to fit you throwing yourself on the couch and throwing your feet up after a long day at work.

That means that you still get that same unique Melcke&Vagnby take on the Scandinavian tradition of four, foursided legs supporting a simple, triangular or circular, wooden tabletop. Instead, the heralded design duo opted to double the amount of legs, forming an elegant triangular shape at every support point, and putting a unique spin on old traditions.

The Viggo Lounge table comes in a variety of different colours and materials – and you can even choose whether you want it to be round or rectangular. The same design- and build principles apply either way, though, so you can be sure to enjoy your beautiful table for table for years to come.


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