Rondo kids white


Wood type • Lacquered standard color (White)
Frame color • Stainless steel

The first thing you learn after you learn how to walk is how to sit down again – let’s make that first sit a stylish one. The Rondo Kids is an exact miniature copy of the grown up classic, the Rondo Chair.

Erik Jørgensen designed the original Rondo Chair with simplicity in mind, and, as any parent knows, simplicity is nature’s kind of kid proofing. There’s nothing on this design that isn’t absolutely essential. No knobs, no handles, and no valuable and easily kid-stained leather padding. This super simple plywood and chrome combo has stood the test of time and it is bound to stand up to anything your household can throw at it. Literally.

The Rondo KIds is a chair built for all aspects of life, and life doesn’t get any tougher than a kid’s room. The chairs can be stacked in pairs of 4 and come in a wide variety of colors.


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