London bar black


Wood type • Lacquered standard color (Black)
Steel color • Painted steel (Black)

When Erik Jørgensen and Paul Stilling came together to design the London Bar Stool, they did so with a mission. To create something that would be equally unique and equally practical. Now, many years later, we’ve seen it used in thousands of different scenarios – none of which have looked inelegant. Mission accomplished.

The stool itself is actually quite simple. It’s the bent piece of veneer (classic Erik Jørgensen) paired with those long, beautiful legs that make whatever material you choose for the seat pop, and look absolutely stunning.

Because of its versatility, the London Bar Stool stands tall in any context. We’ve seen it used in both spacious office spaces and home kitchens with just-enough-space. Colours and materials can be combined in many ways, making sure you can fit this classic in anywhere.


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