Hermann lounge nature


Wood type • Lacquered oak (Black)
Frame type • Metal
Upholstery brand • Camo Leathers
Leather type • Nature
Leather color • Nature Black

Hermann Lounge is what happens when a German and a Danish designer walks into a bar, combines their cultural heritage and walks out with nothing short of a masterpiece. This is a lounge chair with a comfortable seat, and an ability to make any lounger’s heart beat faster.

The core of Hermann Lounge is the winged silhouette and the inviting curves that make you wonder where wood grows like that in the wild. The curves are what makes it beautiful, sure, but it’s also what makes it durable. As the body is made from as few different parts as possible, the seat feels both solid and comfortable – and will do for years to come.

Hermann Lounge is available in either light or dark oak, or in a beautiful walnut option. The cushion comes in two finishes; one made from pretty upholstery or one made from elegant leather. Yes, it will easily hold its own in any setting, but pair one with the Hermann Lounge Table, and you’re next in line for a lifestyle magazine photoshoot.


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