Contract maple

Table size • 152x102cm
Wood type • Lacquered maple
Steel color • Painted steel (Matte aluminum)

The designer behind the Contract table, N.S. Knudsen, is of Scandinavian descent. With that birthplace comes a rich design heritage filled with simple, no-nonsense solutions, made in extraordinary ways, to solve ordinary problems. But in 1953, Knudsen decided to shake things up.

He started with the table top. Nothing out of the ordinary there, just a sturdy plate made from exquisite materials. Then, the legs. Scandinavian design theory would suggest going with a simple construction cut from a single piece of wood, but Knudsen went another way. He came up with this stunning triangular design, that has existed for over half a century to become the heralded classic design it is today.

Contract table is available in a multitude of different shapes and sizes, but none without the classic triangular legs. Incorporate it into either a work or office environment, and see for yourself why it’s 2020, and we’re still holding on to this design from before many of us were born.


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