Ally table black

Table size • 160x90cm
Tabletop material • Linoleum Forbo (Black)
Legs material • Lacquered ash (Black)

Stefan Bräuner is the man behind the Ally table. With a background in both architecture and scenography, Bräuner is no stranger to the importance of small details. Just like how a mispronounced line can mess up a play, a messed up line can just as easily mess up an otherwise beautiful design.

The Ally Table is a manifestation of everything we believe in at Askman. Simple yet beautiful Scandinavian design executed with the best possible materials to ensure solidity beyond what you’d expect from something as simple as a table. The frame is a simple wood construction, the tabletop even simpler.

But Ally dares to be simple. To be enough in itself and a manifestation of Askman’s core values. The simple shape invites both bold and minimalistic dining chairs to sit ‘rond it – no matter which of the two materials you combine.


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