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MARCO EVARISTTI | Marco Evaristti
ME Bar

The Eros furniture series unites the creative talents of Danish/Chilean artist and architect Marco Evaristti. Using exquisite wood, leather and brass, the series reveals a softer side of the designer. The result is comfortable, graphic pieces of art combining the seductive aesthetics of the Far East with the clean-cut design traditions of the far North.

The idea and the story. These are the two dominant factors shaping the artistic expression of Marco Evaristti – and the Eros series. Originally designed for the high-end boutique hotel U Sukhumvit in Bangkok, the series unites cultural traditions with functional demands for comfort and quality.

Comfort meets aesthetics. Eros bar is a functional and stylish barstool designed by Danish/Chilean artist and architect Marco Evaristti. With its thin back shell and slightly curved seat, the chair is based on the idea that details should be felt just as much as they should be seen. Combining exquisite wood, leather and brass, the chair is an ideal fit for any interior. The chair is comfortable and instantly adds warmth and character to a space.


Copenhagen-based and internationally renowned artist and architect Marco Evaristti, born in 1963 in Santiago, Chile, is known for his provocative art. Marco moved to Denmark in 1985 to study architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi). He later formed an impressive career as an artist. Marco forces the spectator to look at life’s sometimes obscure and absurd paradoxes, and his artworks often revolve around taboos, such as death. Death is the only certainty we have in life and it reminds us to always live life to the fullest. When carefully constructed, design and art objects are able to outlive us and be passed down from generation to generation. With this in mind, Marco succeeds in designing furniture that crosses the gap between art and function.