York chair

Erik Jørgensen


A New Take on Tradition

When you say York, you inevitably have to say ‘New’ too. And that’s what the York chair is; new. Modern. An attempt at tweaking what we think a dining chair should look like by tweaking the very dining chair itself.

When you look at the bigger picture, the York Chair follows conventional dining chair wisdom. One bent piece of veneer, four legs, job done. But Erik Jørgensen, the famed Danish architect behind the York Chair, doesn’t do ‘done’ before ‘done’ is something spectacular. As so, the veneer has been manipulated to form an elegant waist. Bent veneer, four legs, spectacular.

The York Chair is a light, but stunning dining chair whose design language will speak well in both bold and light dining room settings.

Erik Jørgensen

Danish designer Erik Jørgensen, born in 1943, has always been fascinated by furniture design and its possibilities. With a passion for wood, design and people, he has both created his own designs and helped others through creative sparring. In 1967, Erik Jørgensen designed the Classic chair – an Askman Design classic. Later followed the Rondo, Fly and Boston chairs which are still part of the Askman Design collection.

York Chair

The York Chair is made by Erik Jørgensen, a Danish architect famous for making subtle tweaks speak louder than radical disruption. The York chair is an excellent example of that.

At a distant glance, you wouldn’t notice anything unusual. Just a plain dining chair following in the well designed footsteps of its thousands of predecessors. But get closer, and you’ll notice how the shaping of the veneer has created a distinct waist where sitting meets leaning. This effect oozes out a lightness, an elegance that’s needed when you’ve put the dining part of ‘dining chair’ to the test.

The York Chair comes in a wide variety of beautiful colours and wood finishes. They can be stacked, too, making them an obvious choice if you’re seating loads of people day in, day out.