Viggo chair



A Modern Take on Scandinavian Virtues

It wasn’t long ago that Scandinavian design and culture was… something. Just something – not the billion-trillion dollar industry and culture defining thing it is today – rather, it was more of a footnote in the giant book of beautiful design history and a fleeting thought in the worldwide conscience.

But things changed for the better, and the world started to notice what was happening in the formerly mostly unnoticed part of northern Europe. And that’s in no small part due to design families like Viggo.

The Viggo family is a modern take on the steadfast foundation that made Scandinavian design what it is today. Everything from dining table to chair has been kept in true Scandi, minimalistic fashion but with a few modern tweaks that makes every single piece uniquely its own. The Viggo family consists of a dining chair, a dining table, a bench, a bar stool and a lounge table.


Mencke&vagnby is a modern design studio founded by German industrial designer and artist Karina Mencke and Danish designer and architect Marcus Vagnby. Their approach to design is driven by a combination of curiosity and perfectionism. With an open and playful mind, the duo aims to design objects that make a difference. Products with long-lasting durability, function and appeal.

Viggo Chair

The bigger brother. The firstrunner. The flagship. All words suitable for the Viggo family’s statement piece, the Viggo dining chair. There’s no piece like this one that encapsulates everything Mencke&Vagnby, the bilingual design duo behind it, tried to do when they set out to redefine modern Scandinavian design.

In order to describe why it’s so special, you have to start from the back. More specifically, where the back meets the front. There, you’ll meet an ingenious engineering solution that makes the otherwise challenging task of interlocking two curious shaped pieces of wood seem as elegant as something Mother Nature herself could have made up.

You’ll find that the elegance extents to the front, too. The way the seat has been formed creates two delicate wings that make Viggo both easy on the eyes and comfortable on your posture. Viggo comes in many different materials, all sourced and crafted with the same Nordic traditions as the heritage it was built on.