Rondo Bar Chair

Erik Jørgensen


Simple Works

The Rondo Family consists of the Rondo Chair, the Rondo Stool, the Rondo Bar, and the Rondo Kids. It was originally sketched out by Erik Jørgensen, a Danish designer with several classics to his name, one of them being the Rondo Family.

There’s no bells, no whistles or anything totally out of the ordinary about the Rondo Family. Except for that fact. That there’s nothing extra. That some shaped plywood and four chrome legs were enough to create a globally recognized design language and seat thousands of families comfortably without levers, handles or leather detailing.

The Rondo Family is a true classic. Because of its simplicity, not in spite of it.

Erik Jørgensen

Danish designer Erik Jørgensen, born in 1943, has always been fascinated by furniture design and its possibilities. With a passion for wood, design and people, he has both created his own designs and helped others through creative sparring.

Rondo Bar

Rondo Bar is everything you know and love from the original Rondo – just taller. We’ve added stabilizers between three of the four legs, and a little more leg to all of them in order for it to fit in a bar setting.

When Erik Jørgensen first set pen to paper and designed the Rondo family, it was with the intention of pushing simplicity to its boundaries. Rondo Bar is an excellent example of that. With its long, elegant aluminum legs and the legendary plywood silhouette, this bar stool stands as an antidote to the often boring category that is bar furniture. Its elegant figure really stands out when it stands as tall as this – especially when it gets to stand as more than one.

Rondo Bar can be stacked in pairs of 4 and comes in a variety of colors that’ll make that number blush. Place in your in-home dive bar, at the part time kitchen / part time bar or let it live on its own as a statement piece.

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