Mundo chair

Susanne Grønlund


In a World of Its Own

When Sussanne Grønlund sat out to create the Mundo chair, it was with the intention of creating something the world hadn’t seen before. A yet unseen manifestation of great Scandinavian craftsmanship, and a deciding piece of her own impressive portfolio. And boy did she succeed.

With its unprecedented shape, the Mundo chair is uniquely its own. The chair has no backside, making the rest of the beautiful design visible from all angles. The legs are of a simple metal construction, that provide just enough contrast to the top half without taking away from the magnificently bent and punctured centerpiece.

The uniquely worked materials, their surprising ruggedness and the out-of-the-ordinary design is what makes the Mundo chair stand out. Stand out so far that it’s in a world of its own – or Mundo of its own, as they’d say in Spain.

Susanne Grønlund

With simple and soft aesthetics, Susanne’s work is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. She is recognized for her strong sense of material and shape and her ability to fuse design and function.

Mundo Chair

A wise man once said that great design isn’t about what’s there. It’s about what isn’t. A wise woman named Sussane Grønund once took those words to heart, and out came the Mundo chair. Defined by its beautiful backside – and lack thereof – Mundo has grown to be nothing short of a Danish design classic.

Cynics would say that the Mundo chair is nothing but a shaped piece of wood with a big hole in it. But that’s selling it short. The way Grønlund has worked with the materials, makes for a feminine and commanding shape – no matter what materials you set us up with. And that’s a rare feat. Normally, changing materials would change the look-and-feel of a design. But not here, not with the Mundo.

The Mundo chair is available in a plethora of different colours and materials. We suggest browsing through them all, finding a favourite, and finding out how it looks in-home or in-office.