Hermann sofa


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Scandinavian elegance. German durability.

Mencke&Vagnby is a family owned design studio that consists of German industrial designer Karina Mencke and her Danish architect-come-designer husband, Marcus Vagnby. Being a unique family themselves, they’re also the minds behind one of our most unique furniture-families, the Hermann line.

The name Hermann wasn’t just grabbed out of thin air. It’s actually an homage to Karina’s late grandfather Hermnann Mencke, a superbly skilled gardener and son of an equally exceptional carpenter. That family heritage shows up plenty of times across the line. For instance, look out for how the different wood sorts have been expertly manipulated in ways that make unnatural shapes like wings and bows seem freshly picked from nature.

The Hermann family consists of the Hermann Lounge, the Hermann Sofa, the Hermann Lounge Table and lastly the Hermann Dining Chair. Each piece serves their own unique purpose, but that purpose gets higher, when you combine them instead of isolating them.


Mencke&vagnby is a modern design studio founded by German industrial designer and artist Karina Mencke and Danish designer and architect Marcus Vagnby. Their approach to design is driven by a combination of curiosity and perfectionism. With an open and playful mind, the duo aims to design objects that make a difference. Products with long-lasting durability, function and appeal.

Hermann sofa

A sofa is a sofa is a sofa. Right? Well, yes and no. In a genre of furniture generally known for comfort, we’ve become too comfortable with how a sofa should look. That’s if you ask Mencke&Vagnby, the designers of the Hermann Sofa.

The Hermann Sofa is a testament to the beauty found in both long and short. With the original design principles of the Hermann Family in hand, Mencke&Vagnby decided to stretch those principles to their limits. Literally. The result is a uncompromisingly modern silhouette that sports a rare combination of being both inviting and elegant. The body looks striking no matter what fabric or leather you decide to contrast it with. As does any roam you place it in.

The Hermann Sofa can be used in a number of different situations. We recommend giving it plenty of space, and allowing it to be your decoration’s centerpiece. Check out the endless customization options right here.