Dagmar chair

Max Louw


Putting the Class in Classics

Whilst the world was busy discussing what could and could not be considered art, Max Louw was busy creating it. After endless hours of sketching, forming and prototyping, the Dagmar Family saw the day of light, and has since then seen living rooms and smartly decorated homes all over the world.

It’s a big claim, calling furniture art. But it’s the only reasonable one to make when discussing the Dagmar Family. The extremely elegant silhouette, the exquisite materials, and the sheer presence it stands with, all ensure that any room it permeates becomes not just a room but a canvas.

The Dagmar Family consists of the Dagmar Chair and the Dagmar Sofa. Whilst they can easily hold their own in any setting, they make nothing short of a statement when they get to stand together.

Max Louw

Every so often companies embrace the world of art and design to create something genuinely original and exciting. The Dagmar series is a perfect example of a successful design collaboration that has passed the test of time. The series was designed more than four decades ago for the boardroom of an international, Danish company, but it has far transcended its original application thanks to its timeless and elegant design.

Dagmar Chair

If there’s one thing fairytales teach us, it’s that the queen is always the most beautiful woman in the land. That’s why it has always seemed fitting, when Denmark named a new princess Dagmar, or when Max Louw had to name the new queen of our collection. The Dagmar Chair is an uncrowned masterpiece that blends the boundaries of design and art.

It doesn’t make sense, the shape. That silhouette. The back – and the lack thereof. The way the natural lines blend with the unnaturally punctured back and the brass-or-black legs stand confident. It’s senseless sense, and it’s an undeniably unique take on a furniture genre that’s in dire need of new. Dagmar’s uniqueness is what makes it more than just another chair. It’s what catches the eye and makes the eye wonder who punched a hole in that chair over there.

Dagmar is available in either super-soft fabric or the smoothest leather we could get our hands on. Pair it with the Dagmar Sofa to get the full effect, or use them as meeting room lounge chairs to send a classy signal to anyone presenting.