Contract table

N.P Knudsen

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Made in Denmark

When you decide to buy a Askman product you can be sure that not only the looks will be a delight but also the quality. We are so determined to keep production quality to the highest of standards that we have decided to invest in our own production facility in Denmark.

Sustainable in every fiber

We believe the environment to be the property of future generations. And just as we build our furniture to enjoyed by our children, we build them in a way that the world is still there to be enjoyed. All Askman products are produced at our factory I Denmark committed to the highest environmental standards, using everything from electricity from windmills to glue made from biological sources.

Contract table

Like the Boston table, our contract table series is a further development of the N.P. Knudsen (1952) table design; Michael Wallenius designed the legs  for the table in 1995. The tabletop is made  of the best quality MDF and comes in many different sizes suitable for every need.