Classic chair

Erik Jørgensen


What a Classic Looks Like

Everyday, thousands of architects, designers and plucky dreamers sketch down their ideas in an attempt to create something that might, some day, be considered a classic. But classics aren’t made every day. At least not if your name isn’t Erik Jørgensen.

Erik Jørgensen set out to design a classic. But what does it take for a chair to deserve that coveted predicate? Well, for one thing, the design itself has to be widely considered beautiful. Secondly, the chair has to be more than just a chair; it has to have a cultural impact beyond its function. And talking about function – it has to be nice to sit on.

Check, check, check. Our Classic Chair ticks all those boxes. And a few more at that.

Erik Jørgensen

Danish designer Erik Jørgensen, born in 1943, has always been fascinated by furniture design and its possibilities. With a passion for wood, design and people, he has both created his own designs and helped others through creative sparring.

Classic Chair

Our Classic Chair is an exercise in exploring what a few tweaks can do to a recognized design. Very much reminiscent of Erik Jørgensen’s Rondo family, the Classic Chair cuts no corners in cutting to the chase.

With its more angular and boxy silhouette, it sends off less of the bubbly, happy-go-lucky vibe known from its cousines, but instead opts for a more masculine, and assertive approach. Simplicity is still very much in play though, and the few tweaks made to the Classic Chair hasn’t meant adding anything unnecessary. It’s still a piece of bent plywood and four chrome legs that work hard at creating something bigger than the sum of their parts.

The Classic Chair works wonders when it gets to play up off other minimalistic pieces. Use them as dining chairs, just-need-an-extra-chair chairs or an excuse to get your big Askman collection going – this one can be stacked in pairs of 12.