Boston chair

Erik Jørgensen


Scandinavian To the Core

Ask any of us at Askman what Scandinavian design looks like, and we’d probably point you in the direction of Boston. Not the city, but rather, Erik Jørgensen’s heralded family of classics by the same name.

With its soft curves, and well executed design, the whole family stands tall in representing what it means to be Scandinavian. The base formula is the same for all pieces; simple design, with clear purpose, made in the best possible materials.

The Boston Family consists of the Boston Chair, the Boston Bar, and the Boston Standing Table. As they all stem from the same design principles, they obviously play well together. But don’t be scared of adding a little Boston to the rest of your Scandi-inspired decór.

Erik Jørgensen

Danish designer Erik Jørgensen, born in 1943, has always been fascinated by furniture design and its possibilities. With a passion for wood, design and people, he has both created his own designs and helped others through creative sparring.

Boston Chair

Erik Jørgensen isn’t from Boston – he’s very much from Denmark. Nonetheless, he named this strikingly Scandinavian design after the famed American city, maybe in an attempt to convey the beauty found in shared values amongst diverse characters.

Because a Boston Chair isn’t just a Boston Chair. It’s more of an umbrella term for a base design that can be customized in almost unrecognizable ways. Choose a different base and add armrests if you’re decorating the office, or keep it simple and minimal if you’re adding seats ‘round the dining table.

Boston Chair comes in a variety of different finishes and materials. Customize your heart out, and find just the right version for you.