Anni chair

Per Aagaard Jepsen


There’s Nothing Harder than Simple

Per Aagard Jepsen designed the Anni line with the intention of designing as little as possible. Not because he’s lazy — quite the opposite. Because good design is about making little work as much as possible – to make a sum greater than the parts you have to work with.

There are no new shapes at work here. Nothing that makes the ordinary seem like a time long lost. But there are details that make the simple shape an impressive piece of furniture. The seat lip that makes sitting comfortable, the subtly shaped back and the finely manipulated veneer make the Anni line one of our finest.

Per Aagaard Jepsen

When Per Aagaard Jepsen designed the Avanti chair, his intention was to create a chair with a light and modern expression. With its simple style and clean lines, the chair is suitable for both public and private areas.

Anni Chair

If you were to be cynical, you’d say that the Anni Chair is just two veneer squares bent together, sitting over four straight lines. And you know what, you might be right. But just like how red and green can combine to make yellow, these two simple shapes work together to create something more than just another silhouette.

The Anni Chair is an ode to simplicity. It’s an exercise in creating something that seems like something more than it should be allowed to, and the conclusive disproof that 2 + 2 is always 4. The end result is a light shape that will easily assimilate into any environment and a no-nonsense chair that’s easy to fall in love with.

The base is built from a uniquely bent veneer plate that naturally follows your spine, and the seat has been lipped to create a seat more comfortable than you’d think. As it works wonderfully as a dining chair, we’ve made sure to cover the entire colour spectrum, so you can cover any decoration preferences.